How long can students be registered?

If possible, register your students before 29 January and no later than 11 March 2024.

What levels should I choose for my students?

Les niveaux du jeu-concours correspondent aux niveaux scolaires.
Il vous suffit donc d'indiquer le nombre d'élèves de chaque niveau (niveau primaire, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) que vous inscrivez.

In order to help you choose the right contest level for your students, we suggest that you follow the table below:

How many students can I register?

A minimum of 20 students is required to enter the contest. There is no maximum number of students.

However, if you do not reach the minimum number of students and you wish to take part in the contest, you will have to pay a fee of :

  • 175 € for your registration.
Is there a maximum number of students I can register?

No, there is no maximum.

The larger the number of entrants, the more motivating the contest will be for the students, and you can enter as many students as you like.

Should I only register the best students?

The aim of the Big Challenge is to create strong motivation among the students in your schools around learning English.

There is little point in registering the best students just to show everyone that they are the best. The real point is to register students, whatever their level, in order to create that "trigger" that sometimes pushes some of them to make a little more effort than usual to achieve a good ranking and, in the process, they discover that English isn't so difficult and that it really is within their grasp.