The Big Challenge


Register before 15 February, if possible


The Big Challenge offers 5 different contest levels that vary in difficulty. These levels correspond with the levels A1-B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). In order to help you choose the right contest level for your students, we suggest that you follow the table below:    
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Registration list. Please enter the names of participating teachers, not students. There is a minimum of 35 students or 175.00 € per school.



Why must schools register a minimum of 35 students?
In the organisation of the contest, there are costs that are proportional to the number of students registered in a school but there are also considerable overhead costs like printing and shipping, data management, maintenance and updates of the technical infrastructure required for the online contest, server rental, parcel preparation… which remain the same despite fluctuations in contest registration. We have to impose a minimum number of students in order to balance our budget.
Should I register only my best students?
Our goal at The Big Challenge is to motivate all of your students to learn English. Registering only your best students to show off their talents misses the point. Registering everyone, whatever their level, might just create the momentum that will push some of them to make that extra effort and discover that English isn’t that difficult, that they too can improve and succeed.
Who pays the registration fees?

The registration fees are paid by students’ parents or by the school, or sometimes both. Some municipalities help cover the cost as well.

How are the registration fees used?
The Big Challenge receives no financial aid of any kind and is funded exclusively by fees paid by participating students, that is 5€ per student, or 4.17€ once the VAT has been paid. These fees cover the printing and shipping of the registration kits and posters as well as development costs, maintenance and updates of the technical infrastructure required for the online contest, rental of numerous servers needed to operate the contest, management of the data base containing all the participants by an external provider and especially score calculation and the establishment of three rankings, the purchase, production, delivery and storage of prizes, prize parcel preparation by an external provider and finally, delivery of prize parcels to schools. These fees also finance the development and maintenance of our website as well as the different applications so that students can practise free of charge all year long.